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Accounting for NGOs


    Every month
    Społeczna uproszczona księgowość
    • Uproszczona ewidencja dla NGO
    • Do 5 dokumentów miesięcznie
    • Plany z większą liczbą dokumentów ustalane są indywidualnie
    • Do 2 zatrudnionych na umowach CP
    • CIT-8 w cenie
    • Bez dopłat za zamknięcie roku
    • Pomoc w rozliczaniu projektów
  • Pełna księgowość

    Every month
    Dla NGO i związków zawodowych
    • Plany z większą liczbą dokumentów ustalane są indywidualnie
    • Do 5 dokumentów miesięcznie
    • Księgowość według Ustawy o Rachunkowości
    • Bez dopłat za zamknięcie roku
    • Elastyczne dostosowywanie planu
    • Obsługa VAT + 40 zł
    • Pomoc w rozliczaniu projektów
    • Prowadzenie ewidencji środków trwałych i WNiP
    • Prowadzenie rozrachunków z dostawcami i odbiorcami
    • Sporządzenie polityki rachunkowości
    • Sporządzenie planu kont księgowych
    • Możliwość zbudowania planu narastającego lub próbnego
    • Możliwość rozliczania na zasadzie projektowej
    • Możliwość rozliczania na zasadzie % od przychodów
    • CIT-8 w cenie!
  • NGO z działalnością

    Every month
    Dla organizacji pozarządowych z działalnością gospodarczą
    • Plany z większą liczbą dokumentów ustalane są indywidualnie
    • Obsługa VAT + 40 zł
    • Do 10 dokumentów miesięcznie
    • Możliwość zbudowania planu narastającego
    • Możliwość zbudowania planu próbnego - do 3 miesięcy za darmo
    • Na zasadach planu z pełną rachunkowością

Accounting in non-governmental organizations

Keeping accounting books is the responsibility of every non-governmental organization, which results from the Accounting Act. The specificity of NGOs, however, requires adjusting accounting services to the requirements specific to this type of activity, for example in terms of financing methods. To meet the needs of non-governmental organizations, we offer comprehensive support in bookkeeping. We are well aware of the specificity of the functioning of NGOs, which is why we guarantee fully professional and comprehensive accounting of non-governmental organizations .

Lipiński i Mazur accounting office - offer for NGOs

We specialize in providing services to non-governmental organizations, which is why we can guarantee professionally conducted accounting tailored to your individual needs. As one of the few offices on the market, we offer a tailored price list for non-governmental organizations, because we are well aware of the challenges and difficulties related to the functioning of NGOs. We grow together with our clients - we appreciate each cooperation, from which we can derive mutual benefits. Many years of experience in the field of accounting for NGOs is one of our many strengths. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the entire offer that we have prepared for the NGO sector today!

What does accounting in an NGO look like?

Keeping accounting books for NGOs requires an individual approach and comprehensive tax knowledge. Why? Because the multitude of applicable regulations, sources of financing or settlement methods makes it difficult to make quick and unambiguous decisions. In working with the NGO sector, we use modern technologies, such as, for example, electronic clouds and SAS software. In addition, we try to look for favorable solutions in the current tax changes, and for this we offer the possibility of fully remote service, which is why we encourage clients from every corner of Poland to cooperate. Professional accounting of non-governmental organizations ? Only here!

Accounting in a non-governmental organization

Because each  non-governmental organization  is required to conduct fair  accounting  - this applies to associations, ordinary associations, trade unions, foundations and public benefit organizations, such as TSO - we offer a clear and convenient billing package for such entities. Since the rules of settlements for this type of activity may seem particularly complicated, in the packages dedicated to NGOs you will find everything that is associated with  accounting in a non-governmental organization .

Accounting for non-governmental organizations kept by specialists

Depending on the size of the organization and the number of documents necessary for settlements, you can choose one of the three available care options  accounting of non-governmental organizations . We offer our clients simplified and full accounting as well as for non-governmental organizations with business activity. If you are interested in a specific package, but with more documents delivered per month, please contact us for an individual package quote.

Accounting in a non-governmental organization - cooperate with professionals

The Lipiński i Mazur accounting office provides specialized services in the field of accounting and  accounting for companies, companies and non-governmental organizations . Experience and continuous improvement of qualifications allows us to adapt our activities to frequently changing regulations. At the moment, we successfully provide services to over 60 non-governmental organizations from all over Poland. We invite you to take advantage of our convenient accounting packages, and in case of additional questions - contact us.

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