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Accounting for cooperatives

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For every business customer

Accounting of a housing cooperative

The main task of housing cooperatives is to manage real estate in such a way as to provide their residents with appropriate housing conditions, both within the buildings themselves and the surrounding areas belonging to the community. However, the obligations of entities of this type also include the correct settlement of finances, payment of due taxes, as well as keeping the legally required documentation regarding individual real estate. In order to ensure compliance with all legal regulations, it is worth using the accounting offer for housing cooperatives offered in our accounting office.

Bookkeeping in a housing cooperative

At the Lipiński i Mazur accounting office, we provide professional accounting services for housing cooperatives operating throughout Poland. As professionals, we know the specifics of the operation of such entities, as well as the applicable legal regulations, including tax law. Thanks to this, we are able to offer comprehensive accounting of a housing cooperative, including, among others, reliable record keeping of income and costs of real estate maintenance, preparation of financial statements and development of accounting policies.

Support of experts in the field of cooperative accounting

Accounting in a housing cooperative offered in our office also includes the settlement of all due taxes related to the activities of the community, thanks to which you will gain certainty of its functioning in full compliance with the letter of the tax law. On request, we are also able to regularly report on changes to the regulations and the resulting obligations. When providing services in the field of accounting of housing cooperatives , we use modern technical solutions such as cloud computing, guaranteeing professional, fast and trouble-free service at the highest level.

We encourage you to cooperate in the area of accounting of housing cooperatives!

We operate remotely throughout the country, offering guidance services  accounting in housing cooperatives  in any city in Poland. At the same time, we always adapt to the individual requirements of each client, adjusting the scope of service, price plan and developing together with you. With our help, you will not have to worry or waste time dealing with documents. We look forward to working with you!

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