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Accounting for companies

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For every business customer

Accounting in a general partnership, limited partnership and many others

When deciding to set up a company, you should consider which of the options provided for in Polish law will be the most advantageous. There are partnerships (limited joint-stock partnership, limited partnership , partnership and general partnership ) and capital companies (limited liability, joint-stock partnership, PSP). In addition to different methods of managing individual companies, the shareholders' liability or the amount of share capital, an important difference is the method of accounting. Accounting in the company should be entrusted to professionals.

Full accounting in limited liability companies

We are well aware of how burdensome it can be for entrepreneurs to monitor all changes in tax law, which is why we offer comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services, including full or simplified accounting of general partnerships or limited liability companies. We cooperate with companies all over Poland thanks to modern solutions technology and digitization of accounting. The accounting supervision offered by our company takes place entirely remotely, so our clients do not waste time traveling to the accounting office or sending paper documents.

Register and simplified accounting of a general partnership

As part of accounting services for a general partnership , we keep a record of revenues for our clients in the case of lump-sum settlements, PIT or CIT tax calculations, simplified or full accounting . Additionally, we advise on the most favorable tax solutions for a given enterprise. Constantly improved competences, extensive experience and constant assimilation of changes in accounting law allow us to ensure the proper service of companies in the field of finance and accounting.

Accounting in a limited partnership

The limited partnership has legal personality and legal capacity. Due to the organizational nature, each limited partnership is required to keep full accounting. What's more - it is the amount of income that determines what tax will have to be paid. Qualified accountants from the Lipiński i Mazur sp. Z oo accounting office will not only properly take care of the correct flow of documents between your company and the Tax Office, but also guarantee comprehensive accounting services. We look forward to working with you!

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