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Accounting and tax supervision

Are you wondering how you can save on accounting and tax services without losing its quality and correctness of settlements?

You just found the right solution!

What is accounting supervision?

Accounting supervision is a new service that we offer to clients who do not require full accountant's attention, and therefore are looking for a cheaper alternative to regular accounting services.

We provide our clients with our professional accounting program that performs all accounting and tax calculations on its own. However, in order to be sure that all accounting processes have been carried out correctly, we regularly check them and inform about errors and corrections. We also send declarations and reports to offices. The entire service takes place in the remote model.


How it's working?

As part of our service, clients themselves enter documents into the program we provide - manually or through scans and the OCR system. The entire process takes up to a minute .
Then the system makes all the necessary settlements, and we verify their correctness and introduce any corrections to them, and finally we calculate the taxes. We also help our clients in more difficult, more complicated cases.


Is accounting supervision possible with full accounting - in companies and foundations?

Yes! The solution we present is so simple and intuitive that it is possible to use accounting supervision also in full accounting.  The customer can keep full books as easily as the KPiR and be sure of the correctness of the settlements.


Do I have to calculate and verify taxes myself?

Not. As part of our service, we deal with the preparation of comprehensive information and reporting documentation , i.e. various types of declarations and financial statements. We make settlements for external bodies, carry out cost analysis, and prepare tax declarations. We also inform our clients about any changes to tax and social security regulations.


What do I gain from such a solution?

Accounting supervision is a service thanks to which you do not have to hire an accountant or accounting office in your company, which means pure savings for you. The cost of accounting supervision is up to 50% less compared to ordinary accounting services!

Thanks to the checks we carry out, you will avoid many costly errors. We also provide competent and objective verification of all documents, and thus you will avoid various, serious legal consequences. If necessary, we guarantee comprehensive substantive support, which may prove to be helpful in the development of your company and making important decisions.

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Bet on a new type of service today and ensure yourself a certain development at a reasonable price.

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