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Accounting for PSA

  • Księgowość PSA

    Every month
    Dla prostych spółek akcyjnych i innowacyjnych biznesów
    • Księgi handlowe dostosowane do PSA
    • Zdalny system do fakturowania i zarządzania magazynem
    • Zdalny dostęp do ksiąg
    • Sprawozdania finansowe i CIT-8 w cenie
    • Do 10 dokumentów miesięcznie
    • Rozliczanie do 2 umów C-P w cenie
    • Przygotowanie polityki rachunkowości i planu kont
    • Pomoc z uzyskaniem estońskiego CIT, IP-BOX
    • Pomoc z uzyskaniem ulgi B+R lub na robotyzację
    • Przygotowanie umów o pracę, zlecenie, o dzieło
    • Pomoc w zdobyciu dodatkowego finansowania dłużnego
    • Dodatkowa umowa o pracę + 20 zł
    • Dodatkowa umowa C-P + 10 zł
    • Obsługa VAT w cenie
  • Start-up

    Every month
    6 miesięcy za darmo
    • Umowa co najmniej na 12 miesięcy
    • Na zasadach dla pełnej księgowości
    • Po 6 miesiącach 400 zł miesięcznie przez 6 miesięcy
    • Następnie powrót do 300 zł miesiecznie
    • Dostępny plan narastający miesięcznie lub kwartalnie
Plany cenowe księgowości


Program do faktur za darmo

For every business customer

Simple joint stock company: accounting

PSAs, or simple joint stock companies , have specific accounting needs. We offer this type of small and medium-sized enterprises comprehensive services including, among others, a remote invoicing system, online access to books, accounting policy development or preparation of various types of contracts for employees. We invite clients from all over Poland to cooperate with us - thanks to remote service, you can focus primarily on quality, and not local availability of experts in the field of accounting.

Accounting in a joint-stock company: professional service in a remote mode

We perfectly understand that not everyone is aware of the current changes in tax law, and the complexities of the regulations can be incomprehensible. For this reason, we offer comprehensive support to the clients of our accounting office, the scope of which includes, among others, informing about any changes in the method of settling accounts with the tax office. Without leaving the office, you can benefit from expert advice on how to benefit from changes in taxes . We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the details of our services dedicated to simple joint-stock companies .

Simple joint-stock company: CIT and other taxes

Using the services of an accounting office specialized in servicing simple joint-stock companies and innovative businesses and start-ups allows you to maintain the necessary order in the company's accounting , as well as to prepare error-free financial statements or tax declarations. We offer our clients from all over Poland the settlement of corporate income tax (CIT), as well as other taxes that are imposed on the company's operations. Please contact us to discuss the details of cooperation in remote mode.

Accounting for a limited joint-stock partnership and more

Limited joint-stock partnerships , in accordance with the regulations, are obliged to keep full accounting , regardless of the amount of income. We offer our clients remote access to books - without leaving the office or home, anywhere with Internet access. We guarantee high quality of service, substantive support, professional advice, availability, excellent (and constantly updated) knowledge of tax law, as well as attractive prices of services. We encourage you to contact our office to arrange the details of accounting outsourcing for simple joint-stock companies !

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