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Financial Consultation


Your accounting experts

The Lipiński i Mazur accounting office specializes in a variety of accounting services, providing exceptional support. We understand how many things you have on your mind - with our knowledge, we will quickly and effectively take care of your accounting needs. We are prepared for bookkeeping, so with us you have one less thing to worry about.



We take care of your business as if it were our own

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Relieve stress


Modern software


Allowing growth


Limit your expenses

Accounting Tasks
Office Work
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Preparation for reporting


You do the accounting, we make sure everything's fine


Payrolls, bills and business trip accounting


Customs clearance of intra-community transactions

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Kontenery ładunkowe
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Białe samochody


Support in B2C import and trade within the EU


Recognition of tax liability and VAT settlement


Support in sales and exchange settlements, PIT-38 


Settlement of imports and intra-cummunity transactions of passenger cars

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We especially invite existing entities to cooperate with us  general partnerships  or  limited partnerships . We provide full accounting for micro and small enterprises, offering low prices and flexible service. We operate remotely, placing documents in the electronic cloud, as well as SAS, thanks to which we accept orders from all over Poland. We are very knowledgeable about tax law. In addition, we are always available to our clients, informing them about any changes as well as legal news that may affect their company's operations.

Accounting for general partnership and limited partnership

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Accounting services for companies in English and Polish

We invite you to take advantage of the wide range of professional, comprehensive accounting services for companies and companies in Polish and English . For our clients, we perform financial analyzes, financial statements, controlling, as well as deal with the broadly understood subject of taxes and customs - we settle documents such as Intrastat declaration and excise duty. We run  accounting of non-governmental organizations  ,  in a joint stock company  ,  public  , if  housing , social or labor cooperative. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the entire offer of services.

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Settlement of Intrastat declarations and excise duties

Intrastat declarations  are necessary if a given person transports goods within the territory of the European Union and is obliged to declare it. Thanks to the excellent knowledge of commercial law and  English language  we offer our clients comprehensive, quick settlements  Intrastat declarations , as well as car excise duty. We support small and medium-sized organizations from all over Poland. We are able to prepare the necessary documentation within a few days.

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Full accounting in a limited liability company

The undoubted advantage of our office is keeping full accounting in limited liability companies , as well as accounting supervision on full books with the possibility of outsourcing the chief accountant. The package price includes services such as: settlement of business trips and CIT-8, preparation of accounting policy, chart of accounts, mandate contracts, employment and specific contracts, and accounting services for up to 10 documents per month.

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Accounting services for sole proprietorships

Self-employment  economic is one of the most common forms of activity on the Polish market. However, conducting it requires filling in official, not always understandable forms for the purpose of periodic settlements with the Tax Office. In the offer as it is  JDG accounting , we offer lump sum settlement and keeping KPiR. We have low prices and always provide the necessary assistance in clarifying the legal complexities.

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Accounting for limited partnerships and limited joint-stock partnerships

If you are interested in establishing cooperation with our office, your limited partnership or limited joint-stock partnership requires comprehensive accounting care - please contact us. We guarantee attractive prices, high quality of service supported by excellent knowledge of the law and a wide range of services. In case of questions  please contact us via the form .


Accounting for PSA and joint-stock companies

As part of cooperation with our clients, we also undertake the conduct  accounting  for simple joint stock companies ( PSA ) and joint stock companies. We support innovative businesses by preparing documents necessary for the implementation of start-ups. As part of this type of service, we offer, among others: preparation of an accounting policy and chart of accounts, assistance in obtaining an Estonian CIT, IP-BOX, R&D or robotization relief, as well as preparation of employment contracts, commission, specific work or assistance in obtaining additional debt financing.

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Rachunkowość organizacji pozarządowych, księgowość spółki z o.o., komandytowej czy akcyjnej wymagają doskonałej znajomości przepisów prawa podatkowego i doświadczenia w prowadzeniu dokumentacji księgowej dużych i średnich firm. Obsługa przedsiębiorstw i organizacji to nasza specjalność, dlatego wybierając usługi Biura Rachunkowego Lipiński i Mazur masz pewność rzetelnie realizowanych usług księgowych. Jeśli nie wiesz, który pakiet usług będzie odpowiedni dla Ciebie, skontaktuj się z nami. W naszej pracy podchodzimy indywidualnie do potrzeb Kontrahentów, dlatego w przypadku niestandardowych wymagań, oferujemy indywidualną wycenę opieki księgowo-rachunkowej.

W przypadku rachunkowości dla organizacji pozarządowych możesz wybrać opcję pełnej księgowości lub uproszczonej w zależności od profilu Twojej działalności. Zapraszamy!

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